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i-Zombie Lightning Controllers

In 2004, i-Zombie Productions forever changed the Haunting Industry with our invention of the Stereo Lightning Controller as well as the Multi-Channel Lightning Controller. Since then, we have shipped i-Zombie controllers all over the USA as well as Canada and Europe. If you have seen thunder and lightning effects at your local haunted house, chances are it was an i-Zombie lightning machine controlling the effect. Commercial haunted houses as well as a legion of home haunters have made i-Zombie the #1 choice for thunder and lightning simulation.

Our controllers are available in four affordable models: Single Channel, Stereo, Multi-Channel and the new 2400 watt Single Channel Commercial unit. Check out our standard features page and the individual product descriptions and we think you’ll agree that i-Zombie lightning controllers are second to none. We also back up all of our products with a one year warranty.

Click on the controllers above for more info.

 • Single Channel Lightning Controller (1200 watts)
 • Single Channel Lightning Controller (2400 watts)
Stereo Lightning Controller (2400 watts)
Multi Channel Lightning Controller (2400 watts)

Black Widow Cobweb Gun

Introducing our newest creation, the The Black Widow Cobweb Shooter features a UL listed, 200 watt, hot glue gun with a four finger ergonomically designed trigger. This glue gun makes shooting webs an easy, nonstop affair and is capable of shooting 6-7 pounds of cobwebs per hour. However, the main story is in the design of the airline assembly. The Black Widow has a unique modular design which allows us to fabricate an exceptionally versatile cobweb shooter without heavily modifying the glue gun as our competitors do. This means we can produce a pro-level cobweb shooter at an incredibly low price.

  • Black Widow Cobweb Gun
i-Zombie Moon

i-Zombie Moon

Introducing the industries only illuminated full moon prop, i-Zombie Moon. No haunt would be complete without this most common of Halloween symbols. Our 25½ inch diameter Moon is the perfect addition to your cemetery scenes. Built tough, they may be used indoors as well as outdoors. Besides the obvious use for all things haunted, some of our Moons are casting their eerie glow in home theatres, dens and bedrooms. Plugs into standard 110 volt outlets. Click on the Moon for more info.

  • i-Zombie Moon
Dr. Frankenstein's Lab

Dr. Frankenstein's Lab

Whether you are a collector of the unusual or involved in your own dead tissue re-animation project, this may be just what you are looking for. i-Zombie Productions is offering a very limited number of these hand crafted, movie quality props this season. Bring your lab scene to life with one of these incredibly realistic laboratory props.

  • Enter Dr. Frankenstein's Lab

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Dr. Frankenstein's Lab

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