What our customers are saying:

John Leipold, Norton, Kansas has this to say:

  • "The ST-2401 really does a spectacular job of audio and lightning effects. We are very excited about our haunted house project this year and the ST-2401 is a huge part of it."

James Ballard, Irving, Texas, says:

  • "Awesome product and better service!"

Marvin Blanco, Fairview, Oregon, tells us:

  • "It looks great and I think it works fantastic. . . . Great product, fast shipping and incredible customer service!"

Charles Brush, New York City, says:

  • "I am very impressed with your customer service."

Jeffrey Cook, Albany, Oregon, had this to say:

  • "I can’t be happier with the purchasing experience I received . . . I will be purchasing other products from i-Zombie!"

Richard Schiavello, Long Island, New York, bought a single-channel model and wrote:

  • "I came home from work today to find my i-Zombie lightning controller waiting for me after placing the order only 2 days ago. . . . this thing is definitely a professionally made effects unit."

Emmy-winning lighting designer Matt Ford, Woodland Hills, California, chose an
     i-Zombie product for his home haunt and writes:

  • "GREAT JOB!!!! . . . I loved your lightning controller. . . . It was a great addition to our haunt, and your thunder CD was excellent. I'm glad I found your product!"

Keith Parker used a single-channel model in his film, The Shadow People. On his web site, he states:

  • "The unit has worked perfectly and produces the exact effect I was going for."

--- When he wrote to us, Keith also added:

  • "Excellent work on the I-Zombie lightning controller! . . . I did a fair amount of research before buying a lightning controller and this one fit the bill (and my budget) exactly. . . . The lightning really helped to set the atmosphere for my actors. You should be very proud of it!"

Dennis Griesser, Buena Park, California, says:

  • " . . . a nice, clean layout. . . . It's nice to see noise suppression. The cheapies never bother with that."

--- On the Wolfstone web site, Dennis adds:

  • "The ‘ThunderTracks CD’ . . . was surprisingly good! "

Ron Yemmans II, Troy, Michigan, told us about his old "Brand X" device:

  • " . . . what a piece of junk compared to your lightning simulator. . . . Your thunder is some of the best I have heard! . . . VERY HAPPY."

--- And on his web site Ron wrote:

  • "The i-Zombie works great . . . i-Zombie Productions also has one of the best warranties in the industry."

Don Hankins, Friendswood, Texas, had this to say:

  • "What a cool product . . . I can't believe that regular lights do the trick. I was certain that I needed strobe lights to make it look real. I was wrong.

Troy Van Meter, Pennsville, New Jersey, writes about his i-Zombie stereo model:

  • " . . . an amazing product! . . . never in my dreams did I think it would be that good. I tried it out last night and I literally had traffic stopped on my street from people looking at the lightning . . . your product is definitely the show stopper!"

Todd Stanley, Richmond, Virginia, also used a stereo unit:

  • "The results were fantastic . . . much better than I had imagined. My neighbors actually thought a storm was coming!"

Brad Walstrom, Phoenix, Arizona, ordered a stereo model and told us this:

  • "The controller works GREAT! . . . I love it so much I just went on line and ordered the big [4-channel] one. . . . Thanks for a great, bullet-proof product."

Tom Derby, Chillicothe, Ohio, writes about his single-channel i-Zombie:

  • " . . . your lightning controller . . . was dubbed as 'awesome' by our group of 'techies' who put together our Halloween show. Great product!"

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