The Black Widow cobweb shooter from i-Zombie Productions is a professional level cobweb gun without the heavy price tag. The Black Widow uses a 200 watt UL listed hot glue gun which is capable of producing 6-7 pounds of cobwebs per hour and can be used inside or outside in temperatures down to 45 degrees. Our high wattage gun allows you to shoot webs continuously without having to wait for the gun to reheat every few minutes which is a common problem with low end guns which are typically 80 watts or lower.

Ergonomically designed with a four finger trigger, this light-weight unit allows you to shoot the largest pro or home haunts with minimal user fatigue.

Price: $169.95  Qty: 

The Black Widow incorporates ¼” copper airline tubing to allow increased airflow and volume at lower air pressure. A ball valve integrated into the gun’s grip allows you to fine tune the air pressure at the gun instead of at the compressor.

The “secret” to our attractive low price is in the design of the airline assembly. We do not have to spend the time and expense of having to dissemble, modify and reassemble the internal guts of the glue gun or the case. Two screws in each of the two machined aluminum brackets attach the airline, ball valve and quick connect fittings rock-solid to the glue gun. Remove the 4 screws and the entire airline assembly slides off so you can use the gun for just glue work without airlines or valve assemblies in the way. You have two different tools in one! A cobwebber and a high wattage hot glue gun. Mounting stands for use when the airline assembly is removed are included. Reattachment of the airline assembly for cobwebbing work is fast and easy.

Airlines which are pinched shut or kinked from dropping or misuse may require returning other web guns back to the factory. Not so with the Black Widow. Replacement PVC encased, ¼” copper airlines are available from i-Zombie for less than ten bucks. They are pre-formed and ready to go! Replacement takes less than two minutes and you’re back in business instead of waiting for a week or two to get your webgun back! Keeping a spare on hand is a smart idea!

Like all i-Zombie products, the Black Widow Cobwebber is built tough to last. We use only top quality components in all of our products.

If you are looking for a high quality cobweb gun that looks good, works even better, has multiple uses, easily replaceable parts and all for a price that puts the competition to shame--- you just described the Black Widow!

Last, but certainly not the least, the final component of a quality cobwebber is the glue sticks you put in them. Although all glue sticks may look the same, trust me, they are NOT all the same. Use only Black Widow Cobweb WebSticks for best performance. Do not use foreign made glue sticks!

i-Zombie sells only the finest WebSticks from the leading hot glue manufacturers in the USA. All of our WebSticks are Non-Toxic and have FDA food packaging approval #21CFR175.105 and are not considered flammable or combustible. MSDS sheets are available upon request.

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