Dr. Frankenstein's Toxic Gas Extraction Unit

The four tube bubbler is our “Toxic Gas Extraction Unit.” This is where the four secret formulas necessary in the reanimation of dead tissues are heated to precisely 113.8˚C to extract toxic impurities. Gaseous toxins released in this process rise up into a collection tube where they are neutralized. This unit features four 2” diameter tubes, authentic antique, casket-style cabinet with large 4” diameter Bakelite dials. The Weston electrical panel meter and the pressure gauge are also real antiques. The three indicator lights, tubes, and the antique panel meter all light up. The tube support base on the top of the cabinet simulates black marble. The removable upper tube apparatus is all copper. Both the support bases and the upper apparatus are aged to simulate corroded copper. The cabinet and tubes have been aged to show rust, spills, leaks, etc., and give it that look you would expect from a piece of equipment that Dr. Frankenstein has been using in the lab for years. Tube lights are available in any combination of Clear, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green and Purple. All lighting is LED.

Unit measures approx. 21” wide x 40” high x 9” deep. Plugs into standard 120v outlet.

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* Our Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory Props are created from real antiques, not reproductions, using new technology added to them. No two are exactly alike. Since they need special handling to ship them to you safely, you will need to call or email us to get a shipping quote. (Contact Us)



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Dr. Frankenstein's Lab

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