Dr. Frankenstein's “ Plasma Ion Generator ”

The process of reanimating a corpse requires an incredible amount of electrical power to activate the fluids which make reanimation possible. Only the tremendous power of a large lightning bolt can provide the power necessary to activate all the tissues in a human body. A device capable of generating sufficient electrical power necessary to reanimate and maintain a single organ, such as a heart or a brain, is within the scope of man’s knowledge. The only known machine which can accomplish this feat was developed by Dr. Victor Frankenstein and is called the Plasma Ion Generator.

Little is known about how the plasma arc is created inside the glass dome, but the power generated by the plasma generates so much heat that it is necessary to pump liquid nitrogen through the power coil to keep it from melting. Frost accumulates on the pipes before it goes through the power coil where the heat warms the nitrogen from -215 F to approximately +31 F. The liquid circulates through a system of pipes, cooling the plasma base unit, until it goes back through the internal compressor where the temperature is lowered again and the cycle repeats. The power from the generator is utilized by attaching cables or other apparatus to the positive and negative terminals located on the left side of the unit.

i-Zombie Productions is proud to add the Plasma Ion Generator to our line of ultra realistic laboratory props. We can only make a limited number of these units, so order yours today!

Plugs into standard 120v outlet.

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* Our Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory Props are created from real antiques, not reproductions, using new technology added to them. No two are exactly alike. Since they need special handling to ship them to you safely, you will need to call or email us to get a shipping quote. (Contact Us)



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Dr. Frankenstein's Lab

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